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Speech in school

My daughter is in speech has been for 5 yrs i started her way early in school and made a choice to have her repeat 3rd grade this past year she is doing great now but they still keep her in speech i have noticed that several children that are her friends had beem exited all ready when i ask why she is still in they say it isnt for sounds it is just for verbal which i dont understand because those same children talk the same as my daughter im trying to decide if i should force them to take my child out also because here we are at the end of another year and they have said not a word about exiting my daughter ,her best friend has been out a year and she talks less than my child could it be that my daughter is on medicaid and they recieve money ? also at my last meeting i noticed that her speech teacher is very hard to understand due to some speech trouble her self ,my daughter and several parents have said the same .im starting to think my daughter will be in speech forever i have 4 other children who had speech but only for 2 yrs each i know every child is not the same i have heard this everytime i bring up how long she has been in speech .but when is it time to say enough is enough ?

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concerned mom

I wld get your daughter tested outside of school by a private speech therapist. See what this therapist says. If the therapist feels your daughter still needs speech, try private speech sessions. If the therapist says your daughter is fine, discontinue speech altogether. I wldn't continue speech in school, whatever the case, especially if the school therapist is hard to understand. If you do stop therapy altogether, though, and you see your child is falling behind, consider a re-eval to see if speech may be needed after all. Good luck.