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Seeking Assistance in Helping My Son with 6th grade Homework

Does anyone have a website they go to that gives great tips on helping your child with their homework without doing it for them?

Our son needs help bringing up most of his grades and he has ADHD (but takes medication to help him focus). My husband is the science and math wizard, so he is helping Nathan with those subjects. I have always been a humanities expert (with the exception of spelling, LOL). Vocabulary, English, Grammer, Social Studies, and History. So I am helping him in those subjects.

We are both in contact with all of his teachers and on the same page as far as helping him become accountable for his homework and such. I want to not only have him pass tests though, I want to make sure he retains the information to use later in life.

So, any advice? Websites with printables would be great too! He uses "Reading Street" for 6th grade now and is in Unit 2. The 2008 version with the picture of the knight in shining armor on it.


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I have a son that has adhd and doing his homework is struggle everyday. I was always in tears. But, I tried a few things on how to tackle this problem with the help of searching the net for help. The best I can do for my son is that I organize his things so that it will be easier to teach him. I inject breaks for him, preferably something before doing the homework so that it will be easier for him to do it afterwards. I use colorful materials that can help him aid for learning. Lastly, I praise him of his progress. This somehow gives him a boost and thus does his homework better and enthusiastically. I'm not aiming for him to get the highest grade but just for him to understand the homeworks thrust to him. :)