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Scool is trying to hold our son back in 1st gread,( need help with law's on my rights as mom)

So my ADHD son's school is trying to hold him back cuz he can not read vary well, He is on point with every thing elas and Above Ave in Math.( they also told me in the same secentace that they could not test for dislexia only learning disablitly??REALLY??) I have requested learning disabilty testing and they have put it off tell next year and want to hold him back. I am not happy i any way with this. Dose any one know the law's on wearther i have a say so in this Or do i need to find a new school. WE live in SC and they are crazy backwords.

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I think you should contact an attorney who specializes in educational law. Any legal information you get from people online is likely to either be too generic or not reliable.

Until then, I would write a letter to the school (and save a copy for your records) demanding that your child be tested for disabilities and that an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) be designed and implemented.

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I agree you should talk to a lawyer because then you will be able to ind out all your rights and what course of action to take. I have helped a lot of people find great lawyers who DIDN'T charge expensive rates. So if you decide to get one, I can help you if, you like.

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concerned mom

My son also just finished 1st grade and has similar problems. He has an IEP, and he receives special classes for math and reading. He also gets Speech, OT and PT. It has never been suggested that my son be left back. However, the teacher has him at a kindergarten level in math and reading. He too hasn't been officially diagnosed w/ a learning disability or dyslexia. We did have him tested for Auditory Processing Disorder which is quite similar. Many times the schools will tell you your child is too young to be tested at this time. I personally think that's BS. If I were you, I wld get a private evaluation done asking for specific testing. I also agree that if the school won't work w/ you, you shld consider getting a lawyer or an advocate. We hired an advocate who is very knowledgable and a lot less expensive. Keep at the school, and don't let them persuade you if you feel strongly about this. You do have rights. Unfortunately, you have to fight to get those rights heard sometimes, but believe me when I say it's all worth it in the end. Good luck!