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Schools pushing for kids to be put on ADD/ADHD meds

Last year I took my 7yr old son to get tasted because of his school.The 1st docter who had never seen my son before stayed in the room for about 10 min, than percribed my son ADD/ADHD medicine. The next day I took him to his regular docter and he said NO WAY !!! I never told the school I didnt put my son on any medicine. Two weeks later I got a letter in the mail from the school telling me how much improvement they see in my son sence he got on his medicine.The rest of the school year was fine. In the begining of this school year everything was fine.I told someone who worked at this school I thought I could trust this story. Then the next thing I know, here comes the notes from the teacher telling me how my son acts up in class, wont do his work, wont set still. You know, all the signs that say my son has ADD/ADHD . So now there doing the SST on him again. In April we have our conference meeting and Im wondering what there going to say when I refuse to medicate my son. Because I know that is what there going to want me to do. I wonder how many other parents have had this happen to them. Parents read up on ADD/ADHD and its meds before you num your childs brain just so the teacher can be happy. Did you know that alot of the meds we are giving our kids for ADD/ADHD kills the parts of there brain that makes them creative . Thats SAD. Get second oppinions . Isent your child worth that ? Mine is and Im so glad I did.

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concerned mom

Good for you! By law, no school is allowed to tell you or even suggest that you medicate your child. I'd sooner homeschool my son before I'm pushed into medicating him. That's a decision for my husband and I to make, not for any school to decide. I understand the challenges teachers have today w/ so many kids being mainstreamed, but maybe if these kids were put in the right environments w/ the right services to begin w/, things wld be better. For schools to put their agendas above the health of our children just tells me that something is seriously wrong w/ the educational system. The way I see it, they need to get their priorities in order quickly!

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I think its a normal thing. Not wanting your kid on medication is noble but if he needs it he needs it. He'll end up getting behind and staying back only making things worse. He could benefit from medications and they have the right to refuse to teach him if you don't get him proper medical attention. My son was on adhd schools from about 8 - 13 years old. When he turns 15 he didn't need it anymore.

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ADD/ADHD has become a catch-all for many behavior's. If you have ever seen a truly ADHD kid, before the definition was broadened to it's current parameter's,you'd know it.
It's sad to see the number of intelligent, creative kids being put on meds, and yes in many cases, to make it easier for the parents and teacher's. Historically, it's the right brainers who have given us our most important inventions,and probably won the most pivotal moments in history. For example, I'm betting US Grant and Sherman were right-brainer's. They understood tactics, but were able to think and operate outside the standard. Edison, Bell, Mark Twain, and how many other's would you guess?
Right brained people are able to think outside of the box, they're able follow the threads of possibilities. Seeing a picture helps them see a situation in it's totality and the opportunities within it. That's important in problem solving and certainly in a crisis.
My grandaughter is probably right brained. This year her teacher's and the school psychologists put her on Concerta, and Ritalin. The bright, imaginative responsive little girl she was is slow, dull and lacks sparkle, she rarely giggles--she'd numb. With anything else, you would say she's overmedicated. She has a lot going on in with her Mom's home, but rather than look into those issue's, they diagnosed her as ADHD, and medicated her. And then tell her it's because there's something wrong with her brain.
We need to change our view of this and teach
these kids in ways they can learn.We need to teach them to appreciate and understand the way they process information as a strength, not as something abnormal and wrong. Personally, looking at the world, I think America is restricting itself by trying to squeeze these kids in a hole they don't fit. I think we're suppressing and losing a very important segment of talent and ability. And I don't think the rest of the world follow this mind-set.
And these meds are amphetamines. Think how we look at someone taking speed illegally, and how it can affect the person taking it, do we really think the effect's are any different just because it's sanctioned with a prescription?

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The effects of Ritalin and Concerta are like amphetamines to children who don't have ADD/ADHD but act differently for children who do have that condition. If these meds make a child more hyper then the child is unlikely to have the condition. Brain scans have shown that clearly.
I have had two children with this condition.
Son 1 is 37 and was never diagnosed until his twenties. He got very little help with strategies etc and was treated all through his schooling as a 'bad boy'. He is just scraping through life now despite the help that is now available.
Son 2 was diagnosed as having ADHD and Asperger's syndrome when he was seven. He was put on meds and never looked back. He did well at school and went on to do well at college. He is 21 now. I will never regret my choice to give him meds and also a 'normal' life. Every parent has to make the choice and I do not criticise parents who forego giving their child this help. I feel I made the right choice for my son.

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You sound like one of the teachers; some kid’s needs to be medicated, but some don’t. Teachers or school is NOT a doctor to make diagnosis on anything. Only doctor can say after so many tests does child qualifies for medication. I had a teacher telling me, maybe may daughter needs medication. I was ready to punch her in a face. Who is she? She is not even a proper teacher and not to talk that she is NOT a doctor. SHAME on teachers!!!!!!!!!!Also teachers are shoving those kids into some programs in the school so school can get funding (more money). It is disgusting what people are doing for money. Ethics are lost in people’s lives. SHAME!!!

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How teachers can put any child on medications. They are not doctors and parents should not let them act as doctors. I am so furious at teachers, for doing someone else job and not doing their own job. Teacher never saw child with ADHD, which requires medication. Someone needs to slap them on hand for doing what they should not be doing. Teachers got lazy, they cannot write anymore on blackboard, now they have huge computer screen. Talking who needs a drug SPEED to speed them up. Lazy, lazy, lazy!!!

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Many kids and teens with ADD/ADHD don’t take their medication correctly—or stop taking it without talking to their parents or doctor—so if your child is on ADD meds, make sure that he or she understands how to take the medication correctly and why following prescription guidelines are important. Encourage your child to come to you with any medication-related concerns so you can work together to solve the problem or find another treatment option like CPR training Dallas www . dallascprcertifications . com. It’s also important to remember that ADD/ADHD medication should never have a numbing effect on a child’s energy, curiosity or enthusiasm. A child still needs to behave like a child.
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I am in Britain so can you tell me, is there a subsidy given to schools who have pupils on medication? Do parents who have children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD get extra money too if they are on benefits? I read this is so but don't know if it is true or true in every state. Perhaps someone can help me. I did some research for a project which said this was so but you can't believe everything you read on the internet. I need it confirmed.
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I've just read a story about my son. Looks like some teachers got a scarry and dangerous pattern.
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I am a teacher and I am actually more against medicating. If a child really needs it then they do but I believe in behavior plans paired with a good diet. Please don't generalize all schools and teachers. Teachers are not allowed to diagnose kids. School districts dont even evaluate for ADHD under the sped umbrella. Only a medical professional can. The school might only bring it up bc you previously told them that a medical professional thought your child needed it. You can't knock them for investigating. It would be considered neglect if you were to compare it to antibiotics being prescribed. Now what the doctor says isnt written in stone but should be considered by the school. Give them documentation from the other doctor and then the subject is moot. Now if your son has been doing well then remind the teacher of that, request a behavior plan, look into diets. Your son doesn't need meds per say.