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Repeating first grade

My son is 7 and his teacher is requesting that he repeat first grade. He has been having problems with reading and spelling. I TOTALLY agree with her because I dont want him to struggle through out school. His sister and one of his good buddies will be going into first grade also next year. That could be a help,but I just have NO clue how to tell him. Any advice?


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Direct this question to a psychologist in your child's school or school district. If there is none, the teacher should be able to give you some good advice on how to best tell your child. Different children will respond differently to this situation and it would be difficult to point you in the correct direction without knowing your child. Best of luck to you both.

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Just remember, all children develop at different rates in all areas, including reading and spelling. Quite often reading and spelling doesn't click with boys until grade 2. Especially if your son's birthday is later in the year. It is more worrisome if your child is not reading by the end of Grade 2. If you think that he will adjust fine being left behind by his peers, then it may work. If you think that seeing his peers move on is going to be hard for him - it may not work and cause future problems with self esteem and self worth. Look into the research. Make your decision. But remember, you are his parent and YOU know him best. Not the teachers, not the Special Ed people - YOU! Good luck :)