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Pros/cons of montessori for a strong willed child?

For a child who sometimes has a hard time following instructions, is montessori the wrong fit? I am looking at preK options for my child. She is bright and her academic development is going very well. However, she has had some issues with following instructions (depending on the instructor and various factors). She is quite strong willed and there have been instances where she has really rebelled when commanded to perform tasks. My question is whether a child like that should go to a more structured preK in order to adjust to more structured environments or whether montessori is the right place for her? I like the academic work at the montessori that we are considering but am worried that perhaps my daughter would be better served by being in an environment where she is required to perform tasks on the teacher's timeframe rather than on her own. Your thoughts and experiences would be much appreciated.

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concerned mom

I have a cousin who went to Montessori school and also a friend who put her daughter through the program. My cousin did great, and even to this day she is very independent minded and successful in her career. My friend's daughter is much younger and has a very different personality. She's bright, but also can be stubborn at times.
I looked into Montessori school for my children. For me, I felt a more structured program was better suited for them. Both of my kids are also very creative minded, and I wanted them to be able to use that creativity. Only you know what's best for your child. It won't hurt to look at a few schools and compare them. One thing I remember w/ the Montessori program I looked at was that the teachers wldn't let my son participate in the class b/c they didn't want it to be a distraction to the other students. This was another reason I didn't choose the school.
Do your research and see. Montessori has a lot of great benefits, but it's also very expensive and not always the right choice for all children. There are many good programs out there, so look around. Major things to consider: distance from home/work, cost, half day/full day, days per wk, classroom size, daycare vs pre-school, school philosophy, academic structured program vs learn through play program....
Also, I believe not all children are accepted into Montessori schools. There are tests to determine if the program is the right fit for your child. If you're serious about Montessori, maybe you can take this route. Make an appt w/ the school director and see what they tell you. Finding a good accredited school in your area wld be ideal. Good luck, and hope this helps!