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Ana Gregorio

principle with an attitude!

my 6 yr old daughter came home crying that a boy touched her in her behind and tried to put his hand in her pants i went up to school and they said it was investigated and he didint do i it but that they changed their seats but there is no telling wat else can happen because they will have lunch and gym together and another 4 yrs in school together when i went to ask principle for a letter stating why i dont feel safe with my daughter in the school and i want to transfer her i told her its a very very sensitive subject 4 me and i dont want to take the chance of n e thing else she basically called me a liar in her own words (parents coach their children or kids make things up ) my daughter isint the only one who complained and the boy told my daughter now im in trouble b cuz u told ur mom wat i did i started crying because the principle had such a nasty attitude with me and she says i cant base this on ur personal life or this little scenario u just gave all i want is for my daughter out of the school i dnt trust it n on top of that the principle is rude and disrespectful am i wrong for wanting my child out!

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Go talk to the superintendent. Or, join the homeschool bunch! It's amazing to me how quick the administration will do just what you want if you are clear that you do have alternatives.