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Need some advice for 1st Grade Spelling

My son is having problems with his spelling words and test.I dont know what else to do, I've tried getting him to write them five times each, putting them on flashcards, writing on a dry erase board. Nothin is working, we go threw this everyday and every week.. Can anyone help me out with something?

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Have you tried to get the spelling words the friday before and only do a few a day? maybe he is startign to feel overwhelmed or blocked by it.

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Does your child know its shapes or colors, if so than put the each spelling word and a different shape box or a different color, this helped my son. Or try to make up a song with the words and there spelling

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Try adding a tactile element like forming the works in playdough, writing the words in shaving cream, ect.

Also, study in short periods throughout the day. Three, 5 minute study breaks spread out during the day will do more for longterm memory than a single 15 minute session.