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Need help

Need advice on a situation at sons school.

Since the begining of school this year (he's in 7th grade), he had been getting sexually harrassed by other male students. This was a constant every day situation.

The school wasn't taking it seriously enough till it turned into threats by the group of boys doing this.

We have asked to have him transfered to a school in the next town but they are refusing. We have pulled him out of school because we feel it is just not safe, nevermind that this has also mentally affected him.

I don't know what to do - we have gotten a lawyer, but the school is now threatening us.

This has turned into a full time job for me and I am at the end of my rope.

Anyone have any advice> Please help!

(sorry so long)


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My nine year old son has all the symptoms of ADD. My husband is completely against any medicine of any kind. I don't know how to help my son. Does anyone have any advice?

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Call the other school and ask about their procedure for enrolling students from outside their geographic area.

What threats have you received? That they won't let your kid be in their school? That's what you want, right?

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concerned mom

Look into private school, or otherwise consider homeschooling your son. Your son's safety is more important than anything else. Don't feel intimidated by the school's threats. Do what you feel is best for your son. Getting a lawyer was a smart thing to do. You might also want to look into counceling for your son.
The school shld have a policy on bullying. You have every right to fight for your son's safety, and if the school does not support you in this, pull your son out immediately and go elsewhere. Good luck!

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concerned mom

First of all, get your son evaluated by a dr. If he has ADD, you can look into alternative therapies like Omega3. Also, changing diet and exercising may help your son stay focused. These are not fullproof methods, but I've heard they do help somewhat. Talk to a dr, and see what he/she suggests. Best of luck.

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It sounds like your school could learn a lesson of their own on bullying. Take control of the situation and call the head of your school board and tell them your situation. Tell them that you would like to get their official response and the correct spelling of their name. Ask them when a good time would be to send the reporter over that is managing your story. Be polite and professional yet assertive. Stay in control of the conversation even if you have to politely begin talking over top of them. Suggest that you have spoken to your local government official, here in Canada that would be our MP or MPP I can never remember which is which.

I know it's a sensitive issue and you would likely not want to have your son's experience all over the news but it's not intended to go that far. But the school board officials don't know that. They will avoid any possibility of negative media attention and you will likely get their timely cooperation.

Be prepared to give them a list of reparations that you would have them make.

I know this sounds aggressive but I've learned over the past five years whilst advocating for my son with autism that if you want to be heard you have to play the game.

On a personal note, I am very sorry for what your son has endured. Counselling for your son is a good idea. I am appalled and sickened that the school has idly stood by and been complacent to act. They need to be held accountable.