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My son hates his school

My son received an academic scholarship to a prestigeous high school. This was a gift beyond all gifts. He is currently on the honor roll; however, he hates this school. He tells me he has no friends and the school work is hard. i've been telling him for months that high school is much harder than junior high. He is begging me to send him to public school and unfortunately, the school in our area is not safe. He has never went to a public school - I'm not sure where he gets the idea that it would be easier. I don't even want to address him going to another school. This is the school he begged me to let him go and he got in with a full-ride. Now he wants to go to another school. I am so stressed over this. Any thoughts?

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Point out to him that the superior education he is getting will benefit him for his entire life. He will be more likely to get a scholarship to a good college. School is for learning, not a social life. YOU are the parent and you make the decisions regarding your son and his education. He will thank you someday for requiring him to go to this school.

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Help him connect with his friends, too. If there is something outside of school that will help him with a social life, that would be helpful.

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I appreciate your comments 2xstepmom. You sound like my brother - he said the same thing - "you're the mom!". It's just very stressful because I don't want him to become one of those kids that just gives up on school and drops out - as he threatened to do already. I definitely don't want this to backfire on me and have him stop trying anymore.

acitez - I signed him up immediately for football this past fall. I thought he was doing great. When I would pick him up after practice, he would be hanging out with a bunch of guys laughing and having - what I thought - was a great time - then he'd get into the car and the mood would change.

Thanks again for your comments - wish me luck!

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I'm in a very similar situation. Wondered if you've found a resolution. My son got into a fantatic charter school, but complains about it all the time. He's very bright, but says it's too much work and he wants to have a life, like the kids in the public high school. I still think this is the best school for him, but don't want him to be miserable. He has a lot going for him, but seems to have pretty low self-confidence. Has lots of facebook and texting friends, but never does anything with these kids outside of school. The school does have more homework, but it's manageable. But he complains to me regularly as if I'm the reason for his miserable situation in this school. He says he likes the school and classes, but hates all the homework and some of the tests he says seem impossible and tests from some teachers have material from out of nowhere, he thinks. He could move to the public high school but seems like throwing away such an excellent opportunity. Any suggestions -- especially from parents who have been through this before. Thanks!

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I was in the EXACT same situation two years ago. My daughter was going to a charter school known for it's academic excellence. She hated it & begged to go to the local public school. She felt the kids at the charter were not social enough and there weren't enough kids in general. I allowed her to switch to our local public high school even though it's considered a "ghetto school" by some people. It's been the best decision I've ever made. Her grades are good and she's taking honors and AP classes. And she's happy and has a great group of friends. Being in the public school has given her the opportunity to play on sports teams, be in clubs, etc. This is her second year there and I'll probably send my son there for high school as well.

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concerned mom

I agree w/ Acitez. Let your son be around his friends, but encourage him to continue at his current school. Explain to him that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that he won't get this chance again. I don't see a problem w/ public school, but safety is a big issue. If you son is struggling and really dislikes his current school, and all else fails, look into other options for him. You don't want him to be miserable. An unhappy student is not going to excel no matter how smart he is. It happened to me. Good luck!