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Homework "Packets"

 My duaghter is in 2nd grade this year and the teachers, as have all teachers, at her school have given out homework 'packets'.

It is simply some lined paper stapled with 4 pages of homeworks tasks, of which 1-2 need to be completed each night in addition to 15 minutes of reading, spelling/vocab words, plus a weekly writing assignment. It is not the amount of work that is my issue, but rather this 'free choice' and lack of what I would consider structure. I'm old school, I suppose.

My daughter does best in a very structured enviroment, and I see her struggling with this gray area of being able to choose things, but not having something in her hands where she can read from, something tangible. I do my best with her each night, but I see her frustation and that in turn, well, makes me frustrated.

I've spoken with her teacher. First year teacher. Not much more to say, she doesn't have the techinque or tricks that more tenured teachers have, unfortunately. Hasn't been open or willing to discuss other options. Tells me to 'keep at it and to work with her more' on the packet, or to 'move onto a different task' within the packet.

Does anyone have any ideas I can use, advice? Thank you in advance.


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I think this is a brilliant idea too. She knows she has homework to do but children need choice too. They need to be able to feel that they are part of the decision process. This seems to be middle ground. Still structured. I wish my son had had this kind of teacher. I feel he would have fared better at school. Give it a try. Like Marti said, if she can't decide what she has to do, help her.

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Thank you for your responses. This week went better than last week as far as homework goes, she's seeing the tasks being checked off and isn't putting up as much as fight, seeing the choices dwindling down for the month.

She knows reading and writing come first and then math to finish up the evenings now. She chose this order and since she likes math, doesn't dawdle on the other stuff as much. We shall see how it goes next month, I'm hopeful she'll have it down by then.

Thanks again!  Ruby