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Help! need sample answers

Hi, I have spent the last hour looking online for sample answers to open ended math questions for 5th grade. i.e. the types of questions where you have to 'explain' how you arrived at the answer for the PSSA's. The PSSA website does not give enough examples.

My daughter has been given the following TRACK acronym:
T Tell how you solved the problem
R Restate the question
A Answer the question
C check your work
K show your knowledge of the relevant mathematical terms

Books websites I'm looking for number of model answers.

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There are books out there that prepare kids for the PSSAs... Coach books. Try googling it or try going into an educational store and asking. Right off hand I can't give you the name of any, but I know that the local schools use them. Good luck.

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You also may be able to pick books like that up at a library. Nearly every library can order books for you from within their system, or you may be able order the needed books yourself on line thru your local library website.