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Help with Money to pay for my son to go to a private High Schol mean a Military Academy for High School

My husband and I have adopted to boy 7 years ago. now we are having troubles at home with the oldest boy who is 14 years old. Does not want to list at home or do what we ask him to do at home. Is birth mother let him be like a daddy to his half-brother before we adopted them and i can not let go that we are the parents and we are to tell him what to do.

So My husband and I would like to send him to a Military Academy for his High School years 9 -12 grade but we need help doing that. Does any one know of a scholarship or and finical help that we can get for 2010-2014 school year for our son?

I wait hearing from any on very soon.

Thanks for your help.

Lori Roswold