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Drama in and out of school

This is a long issue.. hopefully not too confusing but I could really use some advice on what to if anything. We live in a small midwest town. We keep to ourselves for the most part. My family had given years and years to volunteer work to our community on top of my husband and myself volunteering our time and energy for years to youth baseball trying to make possitive changes for the fairness and betterment of the children.
Well it all started about 7 years ago when our neighbors moved in next door. They are not from the area at all. The husband seems very nice and into sports as we are too.. but his wife.. hmmm..shes kinda seems like the desprate house wife type...Lets just say she has never been real friendly to me or my children.. the only one shes friendly to is my husband (enough said). Lets just run down a list of things that she/they has done to let you know what she/they are like.
1. I welcomed her into my home... all she could say is that our house stinks (3 times)note: were were plastering the basement at the time.
2. Practing pitching/batting with their children using my sons cars as back stops (denting up the side of their cars)
3. My son comes home and parks his car next to a empty lot (which they mow) 9:00 at night and blast the side of the car with grass making two rounds around the lot than stops the mower and going into the house.
4. The husband got a new work vehicle (work bought).. and I complimented them on it.. saying we were thinking of buying a suv like that ourselves.. .here comment.. you probably cant aford a vehicle like that
5. Their children going around telling the neighborhood children that their mom only wants them to hang around rich kids. Note: we live very comfortably... with very little debt.
6. One day I'm chalking in the drive way.. my husbands changing the oil in his truck in the garage.. and she is pacing back and forth behind me... not saying a word.. I asked if there was something I could do for her.. and she said no.. and just kept walking around in our driveway.
7. Their dog bit my daughter ... (she was the 3 person that I know that has been bitten by this dog).. they eventually did get rid of their dogs
8. My daughter would be over at their house.. The mom surprise their daughter by bring 4 mutual friends over to go to a concert. They were getting all dressed up..laughing and joking on how much fun it was going to be... turing to my daughter saying sorry hun..you cant go. Note: we have taken their daughter on two vacations with us (at our expence) they never once took our daughter anywhere.

The list can go on and on..

Over the years things have gotten terrible betweeen these two girls. The neighbor girl lets call her Becky and my daughter lets call here Lauren have never liked each. Lauren is very shy and reserved.. Becky is very outgoing and mouthy. Becky has been taking all Laurens frends away from her.... not sure how... I feel she has alot of encouragement from her mother. So I got Lauren involved in club volleyball. She really has developed into a great player. I moved her onto a team that is coached by the high school head coach (her daughter is the same age). I find out from the parents on the team that this team never won many games. When Lauren started playing they were winning tournaments the first year. The next year the dad next door got a club volleyball team together so his daughter and her friends could play. Most of these girls go to the same school. Becky now is turning all these girls against Lauren along with their parents and coach. Well... now were into high school volleyball and my daughter is on the B team and only plays the last game. We were shocked. So were most of the parents that knows how she plays. I and my husband feels that she is one of the best players on both teams if not the best of all of them. Lauren is so upset as are we. Note: the only game outta 6 that they won was the game my daughter played in.

Now I'm going to throw a wrench into this whole story.

Going back a two years..I had a confrontation with the assistant principle of our high school. He had badgered my son his whole senior year...this man treats all students as they are guilty...but his daughter (whom I have pictures of her drinking is high school) does no wrong...other girls were kicked off the homecomming court for drinking but not his daughter... my son had pent up frustration with him since he coached his 7th grad basketball team. I had overheard a conversation at a football game of him saying he had to coach the handicaped kids (rolling his eyes). When my son confronted him in his office he dropped to his knees... folding his hand together crawling across the floor begging him for forgiveness. I sorry.. this behavior was unacceptable to me. Well anyway... here is where I think there is a connection between the two stories... The assistant principle and our high school volleyball coach Lauren's club volleyball coach (which is also her guidance councler) has been having an affair. This is why I think my daughter is sitting on the bench... and I dont know what to do??? She clearly deserves to play. Our school administration is so corupted but it is a great school for learning.
My husband says to let her quit.. but shes too good for that.. I believe she could get a scholarship for volleyball if she keeps improving.

I feel like I have to be a bad person and complain and fight for my children.. just so they are treated fairly.

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This is a good example of why it is best to stay distant from neighbors.

Your daughter is going to have to learn that life is not fair. You need to accept that there are going to be many things you cannot fix for your children. Your daughter will be out of school and this will seem so petty to her then. Have her concentrate on her studies and try for scholastic scholarships or grants. Forget about these neighbors, they are not worth your time or consideration. Stop concerning yourself with the personal lives of others and do what you can do to enjoy your lives. This may seem harsh, but life is very short and doing this will help you and your family get past this negative situation and move on.