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Double gifted - High in gift test and low in social skill

Hi I personally do not think my son is smart enough to be gifted although his teachers always said so. Here he received number one best score in his school district for both NNAT test and CogAT this year. I got a little puzzled. How could it be? He often refused to do homework or extra reading even I gave him higher grade level materials. He does not seem interested in those. He would spend lots of time in computer and Wii games.

His school district only provided percentile: NNAT 99%; CogAT: verbal: 94%, quantitative: 98%; nonverbal: 99%. He is offered the gifted program placement.

On the other side he has Asperger's syndrome. I felt I put all my energy to get him to do the daily routines. I am not sure what to do to get him more academically challenged but not too much stress on him.

Are someone out there have similar situation for having an individual "double gifted"? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for your input.

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My suggestion is that you take advantage of the opportunity. If it becomes burdensome, if your child is too uncomfortable with the challenges of the enriched program, you can change your mind.