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Can/should all "typical" 3rd graders get straight A's?

This is a question I have been pondering.

My son is finishing up 3rd grade and went from some A's first quarter to all B's and C's in the subsequent 3 quarters. (Well, we haven't seen 4th quarter yet, but at mid-term he had B's and C's)

He has struggled with some focus issues, careless mistake making, and plain old just not getting some concepts.

His teachers have been wonderful and made modifications in the classroom to help him pay better attention and slow down and go back over his work before handing it in. Yet, he still gets the B's and C's.

I have wondered if he should be tested for inattentive type ADHD or anything else. Teachers have not thought he would show any problems through testing, nothing to warrant additional help through the school.

So, my question is, again, should most "typical" 3rd graders be getting mostly A's? It seems like in 3rd grade teachers are still providing a lot of assistance and guidance.

And if a child is not getting A's, do we have reason to believe there is a problem?

I hope I explained what I am looking for well enough. Thanks for any and all insight!

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i wish i had a answer i have daughter who is now finishing up her 2nd yr in 3 rd she always makes A's and last year in 3rd she made A's and B's we just got our Eog's scores and just like last yr she has made 1's in our school most of the 3rd graders make A or B's but today most of them were told they did not pass the tests and most made 1's at this time i have to wonder if grades really mean anything in 3rd grade. our 4th is the same way also high grades then bad EOG's very confusing

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he should have all a

thank you,Cindy3

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Teachers have different philosophies about grading. I always believed that most kids are average, because that's what average means. I was taught that C was an average grade.

I don't think kids should get "grades" until they are twelve or so. Kids get more focused on grades and lose sight of learning. I think a description that comments on the work they did or the effort they put in is more useful to a child than a grade is.

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who ever it is should have A"S


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I agree with you about grades not being very useful. And many of the grades my son's teachers use on papers are S, S+, and E. However on report cards they get letter grades and that began this year in 3rd grade.

I just can't help but feel that with the extra help given to him by his teachers he should be doing better. And I am kind of curious how other typical 3rd graders do. My friend's children get mostly straight A's.

Thanks for everybody's input!

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More emphasis should be placed on how much the child is learning and enjoying their education experience than on simply grades. 3rd grade should be a time for exploration, assistance, guidance, and fun, not stressing over grades. The education system needs an overhaul.

Have him tested if possible to rule out any underlying issues. Not all children are capable of getting "A's" for many reasons and the testing may provide the answer you seek. There is no "typical" child.