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My son has been bullied for years. The school does nothing. Last year he had his head smashed against the bus walls and the kid that did it was removed from the bus for ONE DAY! My son was very excited this year because he is an 8th grader and gets to sit in the back of the bus. There are 6th grade twins that kept telling him that he couldn't. The "Dean" got on the bus and told everyone that they can sit where ever they want. I believe it is because my son is the one who complained and I think he started the whole issue. When the Dean left the bus the teasing began. The twins started on my son saying that they are friends with the Dean, his wife, and one of the principals and that they will do whatever their Mom wants them to do. They swore back and forth at each other and my son said if they didn't stop he was going to "Kick their ass" Well, he was so upset that he got off the bus at an earlier stop and we had to pick him up. He was crying. In the meantime the twin called his Mom and told her something to really make her mad. She went on the bus YELLING where was my son and saying that she was suing everybody while using the F-word. Nice Mom. I wonder what she would have done if my son was on there. Well, on Monday, the Dean called my son in and screamed at him, did NOT let him tell his side, and told him that he is off the bus for SIX WEEKS and has TWO detentions. We are basically in shock. He didn't touch anyone, or leave he seat. It was verbal back and forth. We asked the bus driver what happened and she said Matthew didn't do anything. I have asked the Dean to get my son's side of the story and three days later he still has not asked him. We went through a very similar problem with my oldest. They kept blaming him until we had proof on tape. I am really thinking of getting a lawyer. I want to know what people thing. The punishment does not fit the "crime" The twin has not been disciplined at all. I have a muscle problem and cannot drive sometimes. Sorry to babble on.

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Go to the school board and make a complaint or get a lawyer if the school is ignoring your concerns.

Sometimes a letter on a lawyer's letterhead is all it takes.