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Am i entitled to the get back the money?


My son signed up to go a 4-day trip for a conference. We paid the initial non-refundable deposit if $200.

Later we realized that the trip may not be possible. So my son approached the teacher for advise. we were told by the teacher that SouthWest airlines does not give a refund , but you can transfer the ticket.

So we agreed to that and paid another $300 since w we had already committed to it, thinking atleast we can get a transferable ticket to be used later.

Later (unfortunately after the trip), we contacted SW and they said that the tickets were transferable only on the dates of travel within the grp and not at any other time, restriction of Grp Booking.
They also mentioned that this was informed to the school while they do their Group Bookings(once end of Mar and agian in April)

Now when I bring this up to the teacher, she says she does not care what SW says , but we are responsible for whatever amt we owe.

I feel betrayed here and let her know the circumstance that maybe my son wld have decided to go in the trip had we known abt this earlier having spend so much.

She is not apologetic also and I feel that we were misinformed and cheated(though it was not her intention)

What should I do? Please advise never been in such a situation with a teacher before.

thank you

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Just to make things clear. I am not asking for the entire amt( i know i agreed for it). Just the extent of the airline ticket cost.

Thank you

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I would say talk to the school admin at the county see if they can help if they say no you may just have to say lesson learned you could try and report the airline to the Better Business Bureau maybe they can get the airline to settle with you even if it is not money back maybe they will settle for another ticket it wont hurt to try .When going to the county you must be strong and not back down though you may even try telling you might get a lawyer .I have had to deal with people from our county before they like to keep things hushed .

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You paid the initial non-refundable deposit. The teacher said the airline ticket was transferable and you did not find out the details of what was required for that to happen. The school district paid for the airline ticket. So that money is in Southwest's pocket, and the airline also had a seat for your son on the flight, right? Which he did not occupy? So they might have been able to sell his seat if you had informed them?

And, your son might have changed his mind and gone on the trip, so it was possible?

I think you are out of luck, but you certainly can pursue this, it could be that someone will take pity on you.

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Thank you all for the replies.

I have paid for the airline , hotel costs too. Yes, my mistake was not to contact the airline earlier. I would not say its the airline fault.

I trusted the teacher that the ticket is transferable and I went by that . Had I known it was not then definitely we wld have considered my son going on the trip having paid$500 .

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concerned mom

You can't just go by someone's word, especially in a situation like this. The teacher may have been misinformed or just mistaken. It doesn't sound like she intentionally gave you the wrong info. Always go to the source just to be sure. Anyone can make a mistake, but if you cld prove that the airline was the one at fault, you wld have a case. Like Acitez said, looks like you're out of luck. Live and learn, I guess.