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7 year old doesn't finish story writing in class

My 7 year old is in 1st grade and is very bright. He has tested at the 3rd grade level in all areas except writing. He continues to say that writing is "hard" and resists writing more than one or two sentences of his daily story in class. If he doesn't finish his writing in the time allowed, he loses his center time in order to finish his writing; unfortunately he doesn't usually make much progress during that time. Consequently, when he comes home from school he has to finish his story (from class) before doing his daily homework.

I have purchased advanced writing books and we work on writing at least one or two stories a day. I often have to sit with him and guide him with ideas for writing his stories which he evenutally finishes.

According to the teacher, he needs to be able to write a story independently in a reasonable amount of time. If anyone has ideas as to how we can help him achieve this goal that would be great.

Thank you.

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Have everybody in the family write and share a story. Don't offer suggestions or ideas for improvement. Just enjoy them.

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Sounds like my son, now age 15 ! He had the same writing issues when he was little (great writer now, although he doesn't think so and only writes when he absolutely has to for school). I would give him a topic, starting out very easy such as : favorite games to play, favorite things to do in the summer and tell him I was going to set a timer and he had to write 3 sentences in 10 minutes, or something like that. He would get a little star sticker or something for doing it, and lots of praise of course! I wouldn't worry too much, maybe he is like my son, a ''math and science'' kid, they don't always like to read and write! : )

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If its writing he doesn't like try to make it fun. Let him write it on the computer. Also instead of having him write a subject just tell him i want you to write any thing clear you mind and just writd for 10 minutes and lengthen the time later. It will help him break through whatever is stopping him. He probably will never love writing but he will learn to get througth it.

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Good idea, but 10 minutes is too long. Just watch him and let him be finished before it becomes torture.