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6 yr. old struggling in a new school

We just moved to a new state in April/08.  We went to Kindergarten for 5 weeks until classes ended for the summer.  Our previous K. was a Montessori Spanish Immersion program and now we are in public education. The K. teacher told us that our son was ready for 1st grade.  Now he is struggling because their so much further ahead academically than he was in the Montessori.  We have currently hired a tutor 150.00 a week and we are spending an average of 2 hours a night on home.  Average parent in this class spends about 1to 1.25 hours a night.  My child and I used to get along great. Now we are at each other's throat constantly.  I lose my patience and he's tired of working.  He is such a bright child and the youngest in his class. ( no disabilities).  I feel like I am breaking his spirit and hurting our mother/son relationship.  Yes, daddy lives with us but travels extensively.  I am left doing the work.  Please help ...Kind words if nothing else.  New state, new rules, even my 4 year old told me I wasn't being nice.  HELP! 

Sincerely, loulou


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6 years old and an 8 hour workday? Your kid is under way to much pressure. Back off. Play board games instead of doing homework. Do it for 10 or 15 minutes a couple of times a week. Let the teacher do whatever is necessary during the day. Fire the tutor. Let your kid be a kid.

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concerned mom

You cld consider homeschooling for the rest of the yr, and then have your child repeat his current class next yr. Why have him struggle and dislike school? Teach him at home at a slow pace (both for his and your benefit). It will prevent any further frustration, and you'll both be much happier. Now's the time to hold your child back before he develops friendships, and it effects his self-esteem. You can always put your child in an educational "after-school" program to help build his skills as well. Hope this helps.

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I agree with "concerned". There are lots of web sites and your local library to help out with homeschooling. Along with this, ask around there probably are homeschoolers in your neighborhood who are more than willing to offer advice and encouragment. Learning should be fun for all children, why push the 8 hour days plus, and $150 a week could go to something else. You are your son's best teacher, you taught him everything he knows already.
The only downfall to homeschooling is you don't have the "alone" time. Which isn't really a downfall if you love your children, and it builds great relationships. You set the day, the hours and what and how they learn. You can take feild trips and go where you like as your children are always learning from everything they see and do. It's worth the investment as it's your child.

On the other hand if you don't want to homeshool. I still wouldn't push all this tutoring, gee he's only a little guy yet. He's going to learn at the pace that is best for him. Talk to his teacher and see what she/he suggests. Save your $$ for the future.

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Look up web sites for learning games...make up games for him....only do homework for a short period of time...remember these times are to be fun and enjoyable for learning...let him be a kid too! I don't think it is wise for a tutor...could be too much stress on the kid...tutoring and homework for too long of a time...goodluck