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4TH Grade teacher issues

I am a kindergarten teacher and I have two children that attend the school where I am employed.
I have recently noticed a number of issues with my sons 4th grade teacher and I am not sure exactly how to address them as a concerned mom.
It has also come to my attention that this teacher is having marital issues and i am sure that this is contributing to the problems.
It really became an issue for me when my sons Christmas party was cancelled due to a problem with just one student. My son has also had an abnormal amount of homework that I know is outside of the standards that our school has set as of course I have been in all of the training and meetings about this topic.
How or whom do I approach in reference to my issues as I do not want to be singled out or considered to be a traitor of some sort??
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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If you know what the homework guidelines are and this teacher is going outside of those limits, I would ask to have a talk with the principal. If the principal agrees with what you are stating, maybe he could have a talk with her without you ever bring mentioned. The principal could very easily say that he has had a discussion with a concerned parent. There is too much bureaucracy in schools anymore.

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I've been involved in K-8 education for a number of years and understand the delicacy of your situation. I think that you should separate the issue of working in the school versus being a concerned mom.
I would meet with the teacher directly and express your concerns but stay away from the marital issue because that's crossing the line. Narrow down the issues here; is it that you're upset about the Christmas party being cancelled or the abnormal amount of homework. If the Christmas party was cancelled because of one student then I'm sure the teacher will hear complaints from other parents so I would most likely stick with the overwhelm of homework where your son is concerned.
No need to go to the Principal unless the meeting is unsuccessful in which case I would let her know what you are planning to do. If your meeting is heartcentered then it's likely to bear fruit for you.
Hope this helps.

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awesome advice we have two weeks to get it together I have also had to deal with the fact that the math scores for this class are very low and my son that was on honor roll last year now has a score in math that doesn't even qualify him for tutoring.

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I am an educator as well and agree with Penny. Talk with the teacher... you never know when you aren't getting the whole story and you want to make sure you have the true facts. Give the teacher a chance to change things and let her realize that you are supporting her, but have concerns and want things to be the best for your son as well. Give her a chance and if things don't improve either talk to the principal alone or ask for a meeting with the teacher and principal... but take someone else with you to support you and also have ears for what is said.

Good luck.