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3rd grade spelling issue

I need help with trying figure out what to do. our 9 yr old has just completed 3rd grade and all throughout the year he has rushed through his work just to get it done and not taking the time to make sure it was right or not. now at the end of the school year i have had the pleasure of learning that my son has a problem, the teacher never once telling me he had this problem like he does. in the lower grades, they teach the children to sound out the words and write them the way they sound, in my experience how does that teach the child when there are so many words that contain silent letters or are spelled differently from sound. now he does that now, sounds it out and writes it the way it sounds and they tell me he has a problem with spelling. he's equal to a 2nd grader. i don't know how to help him over the summer. any sources, online or at the library or here please, let me know.....

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my daughter is the same way she can not spell for anything and a lot of the times it is simple words she knows the words but can not get the spelling right ,i noticed in her classroom some kids can spell anything but others have the same trouble she is having .so i can feel what you are doing through.my daughter has had the same teachers for the past 2 yrs and they all seem to be not to worried about it ,when i talk with the other teachers they to are not worried.i have a older niece who is in highschool and had trouble with spelling all through school but she is graduating with honors this year so i believe our children have a chance to improve i have found a few sites off her school web site that offer help in spelling also her teacher sent some things as well,i was told when driving down the road to spell things we see also in day to day life spell things ,so i have been working on this and i have notice some improvements .

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Sight words (words you can't necessarily sound out) need to be memorized. I would suggest you do a search for a sight word list on-line or go to the school and ask if they have a list they can give you. You may be able to find a Dolche (sp?) list in a textbook that you might purchase at a used bookshop or even a yard sale or an Teacher/Educational store. (probably Border's or Amazon would have something)

You can do flash cards or make games with the words to make it more interesting. The constant exposure to the words should help. Keep in mind whether your child is auditory, tactile or visual when you chose how to review/learn the words. One fun way to practice spelling/writing is to take a clean surface or you can use a cookie tray and spray shaving cream onto it. Then have your child write the spelling word... it can be copying from a card or list or from you giving it verbally to them (helps if they learn best by hearing - auditory). Or better yet go outside and do this on the concrete.

There are some basic rules that help kids spell better as well. ie... i before e....
Do a search on the internet and see what you come up with . ie.. long vowel then e on end is silent.

Good luck to you.


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search this site--I mean this one we are on, Family Education.