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3 year olds v 4 year olds

We knew we were going to retain our now 4 year old summer baby, so we did it right from the start. He went to a 2 1/2 year old program when he just turned 3. It worked out fine. Now he is in the 3 year old program, even though he just turned 4. He was placed in a class of 9. Three of the 4 girls will be 4 by February. The first boy to turn 4 has a birthday in July. The other 3 are September babies. Making them a full year younger than my son. The teachers think this is a good/fine placement for him. I disagree. I would like to hear other people' thoughts.

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Hi. So you are going to hold your son out of school a year, correct? Is he in preschool with the children that will start school the same year as him (all but the 3 Sept. children)? Is your cutoff Sept. 1st or later? If your son is in with the kids he will go to school with then I would say he is fine, otherwise you will have him repeating the same year of preschool next year, right?

My youngest son just turned 4 and he is in preschool with a few kids who are 5 or will be very shortly. It is like that in school... you will have some young and some older. The boys are more immature... some adjust and some don't.

Both of my boys are summer babes, one is mid august, but he is doing well in school. Yes, he has been the youngest one in his class, but his academic skills are also top notch and if I would have held him back we would be experiencing even more boredom problems. You have to look at each child and make the decision of whether to hold back or not. I can tell you that I had boys in fourth grade that would have been wonderful 3rd graders if they would have been held back.

Good luck.


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It all depends on the child. My younger sister was a late baby Dec. 24 to be exact. They decided to let her continue with the kids her age. But as she grew up she had some problems with reading and they wished that they held her back when she was younger. I also had a classmate who was held back a year as well. I believe that it all depends on your feelings about their schooling if they are keeping up or falling behind. The few months age difference doesn't really make a difference.