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14 year old daughter/mental health

I have a 14 year old daughter who for the past 9 months hates school, doesn't eat and writes in her diary that all she wants is to die. She has attempted to overdose twice, burns her hands and feet, has lost so much weight and cuts. She is under a child and adolescent mental health team but she is quite clever and only tells them what she thinks they want to hear.
I struggle to help her as she doesn't seem to want help. I know she was groped by a guy outside a pub while she was waiting for a friend and that she is really mourning the loss of her cat. Any ideas on How do I help her and stop her trying to end her life?

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Request that her therapist see both of you together. Write out your concerns and talk to the therapist about them with your daughter present.

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joe barry

Uggh-I feel for you-maybe by now it's gotten a little better. I was just having this conversation with my daughter and came across your post. My daughter is 9 in 4th grade and same situation. It breaks my heart-I think the more I talk about it the worse she feels-I think it might be more my issue than hers. I definitely feel I work through my own unresolved issues through my kids-especially(unfortunately)my daughter. I like the post below-very wise

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