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Unhealthy vegetarian 16 year old girl

I have a daughter who is a vegetarian, and the reality is I don't mind if it was done correctly. But my 16 year old has her own definition of a vegetarian. She absolutely does not touch meat. She does not mind eating an egg, but she barely eats an egg in the week, unless I make it for her. As far as lunch goes, she doesn't pack it she does not eat. She skips breakfast even if it's simple to make. I prepare dinner and call to eat, but she just leaves it every time. I'm so worried because I see bad complextion, bad hair and tired eyes. She is very active with cross country and I'm so worried she will collapse one day. She does eat when it's store bought (taco bell bean burrito). She is a nice kid, but she does not want to accept my advice. ShE thinks I'm trying to get her to eat meat or fish. Can someone please advise?
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Concerned parent

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See if you can make an appointment with a dietitian. Be sure that the dietitian understands your situation and can help your daughter design a healthy vegetarian/vegan meal plan.

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Consult a dietitian, and then you can try getting her vitamin supplements to make up for the things she's missing in her diet. If she's vegetarian she should snack during the day so try getting her dried fruits and seeds that she can carry around with her all the time to snack on. Make sure to read the back of these! a lot of them have very unhealthy additives. Place a bag in her back pack just so she doesn't forget it. You can also buy her ensures to drink in the morning instead of just skipping meals, it has all the health benefits and no need to do anything but grab it and sip it on the way.