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Talking on cell phone at night.

My teenager is 17 and she is talking to boys that I dont know. And this is on her cell phone at night.(all night) I have walked on her a few times talking to them. She hangs up the phone before I can see who it is. What should I do? I have taken her phone away before. But she keeps on doing it even when I give it back. I am so worried. All I know is that they are boys from the internet. And in differant states. IM SCARED WHAT DO I DO?

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Talk with your daughter not at her and explain the issue/ possible dangers of internet contact especially giving anyone your cell number over the internet. BUT provide her with some real information on dangers of sexual predators and how to be safe on the internet and what personal details you should never disclose etc A few A4 pages with these details form a legit site might grab her attention better than you talking the information. These might also just be boys her own age the issue is we don't know who they are.

If she is craving male friendship are there any mixed supervised social/sports/music/drama/etc clubs that she would be interested in joining. This might take the interest away from the internet. At least these will be local boys her own age. Provide her with info on how to protect and respect herself and others. Its tough but you have to let her go to let her grow.

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I know this behavior well. I have two teen daughters and my oldest, the 16 year old has sometimes looked like death warmed over from all night text-fests with her friends or boyfriend. When I realized this was going on, I simply put the rules in place to stop it. I figured that if she is going to be too ridiculous to know that she needs a full night of sleep....then I would be ridiculous enough to make it happen. The cell phones in this house are paid for by me and my husband. That means they are technically MINE! I warned her that texting shuts down by 11:00 every night or two things will happen.....one, the phones will all be given to me upon your retreat to bed and they will be put into a docking station in my room until the next morning. Two, if you don't knock it off, I have the capability with my cell carrier to actually block all texts and calls coming in to any of our cell phones during certain hours. Its part of our Family Controls plan and I told my daughter that I will use that ability if she can't use some good judgement. That pretty much took the bull by the horns in my house. She went and told her friends that the phone is going to go on shutdown if the texts don't cease after she goes to bed.

I apply these rules to everybody. Boys, friends, all of them. No talking, texting, nothing after you go to bed. Lack of sleep or poor sleep compromises your health, your ability to think and act, and creates bad habits that a teen does not need in their life. My kids took the rules seriously and shut down the crazy "night texting" pretty quickly when they knew it would cost them their cell phone freedoms. As for these other parents out there whose teens continue texting or talking until all odd hours of the night....shame on you. You should know what your teens are doing and have some concern over their health. Texting all night long is not only rude but completely unhealthy. I'm all about letting teens grow and achieve freedoms, but not at the expense of cell phone stupidity. I hope what I experienced in my own home will help you get your daughter in a better place. Let us know how it turns out.