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super troubled teen..

my niece is in very deep trouble. she is 16 and she has been to prison, rehab and other therapies you can imagine. i'm a concern aunt, her mom cries almost every night blaming herself for what has her daughter has become. i saw how she raised her. completely normal and we don't know what went wrong.

fist was just a stupid prank on her teacher.
then shoplifting on the store.
now breaking into a restaurant.

what will she do next? kill a person?

i want to help my sister in her dilemma. what else can we do?

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Visit her in jail. Let her know that after she cleans up her act, she'll be welcome in the family.

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This indeed is a very troubled teenager. Maybe, something happened to her that change her along the way. Have you considered military schools? Maybe, you'll think how this can help but believe me it really does help. My son was troubled as well and I enrolled him to a military school and now, he's turned out great. Without the trace of being a troubled teenager. Checking out different schools is the first step you need to take and check for breaking news about military schools and discuss it with her mother. The decision shouldn't be made light so research about the schools as much as you can. Hopefully, this helps you with your problem.

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omg! so there is still hope for my daughter..
hhhmm.. i will consider this option.. since
im running out of one..

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That's terrible! I think you need to send her to any therapeutic boarding schools for good treatment and a program that can makes her life change. Just take a moment to read an article here at

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A teen doesn't usually start acting out like that unless there is a reason. If the therapy and jail didn't help then military school really might be the best option. I know i went to boot camp when I was younger and it really helped me.