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Sex and teenager

Recently found out my daughter got emailed from a neighborhood boy requesting a oral sex act on him. Totally surprised by this. Further, found out that she has kissed the boy. She attends a catholic all girls school. Believe she has couple of friends who are also experimenting in this sexual arena. As parents, we are devasted over this news and no idea how to addres it. Do I confront the boys father and tell him of the situation? But more importantly, how do we handle our daughter. As parents, we have lost trust in her and some activities will not be allowed to preclude getting into a situation that may allow such "sex" experimentation to occur. But what are the next steps? And will we ever gain trust in her again?

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How old is your daughter? Some experimentation is "normal" during the late teens.

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I am encouraging you not to be extremely strict on your daughter, for it will cause her to rebel more or sneak around. Encourage her to talk to you about what she is thinking and continue to monitor her email and who she is hanging out with. Friends are the biggest influence on each other! Explain to her that sex and sexual acts should only be shared with two people who really love each other. Also talk to her about the many STD's that come along with careless sexual acts.

I would definitely confront the boys parents, that is not appropriate for him to approach your daughter about that type of sexual act.

Yes, Yes rebuild the trust with your daughter, start off small and work your way back up.

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concerned mom

My instinct wld be to protect her, but not smother her. Communication is a big part of the trust process. If at any time you feel your daughter is not telling you something, confront her right away. Use your instict and also good judgement.