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Racy Pictures Online

I have a teen step daughter who is obsessed with photos of herself.

At first I just thought she took alot of pictures because she was bored etc, but over the summer I found exactly how many she is taking, and its alot! More alarming, there are several of them in very provacative poses, and lack of appropriate clothing. These photos where also posted online by her! All of this was unknown to my husband and I. She is also taking our camera to school to take pictures there. My husband thinks the camera at school is Ok, but I feel that school is to learn and she doesnt need to take our expensive camera there. If she lost it, or it got stolen, she can not pay to replace it. 

Her mother seems to think she has self esteem issues,but I am confused as to why a girls with low self esteem would take 100's of pictures of herself, and then post them online. Does this seem like low self esteem, or vanity and sexualy provacative?

Is this normal teen behavour?

Help please!!