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pre -teen and diapers

hi my pre teen likes to wear diapers hes twelve

got any ideas to make him stop?

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our daughter is 13 and a bedwetter and wears cloth diapers and rubberpants[plasticpants]to bed at night.she got started on cloth diapers last year when she was 12.she made her first communion and had to wear a cloth diaper,rubberpants and tights under her communion dress because of the parrish requirements.she liked wearing the diaper and rubberpants and started wearing them to bed at night without our knowledge.she kept them between her mattress and boxspring.she started wetting in the diaper at night and now likes wearing them for that reason.she knows she con stop but doesnt want to.we have punished her by making her wear the rubberpants and tee shirt around the house and under dresses to mass but it didnt work.so now we are stuck!

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You take the things away from her that you do not want her to wear. The only way you are "stuck" is if you allow yourself to be. Who runs your household, the kids or the parents?

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Were do you live and what kind of church is that? This is a new one on me since when does a church care about what kind of underwear you have. At least not in the last 50 years.

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Wearing diapers is not a bad thing. i have seen many comments from people saying the same thing, but they are mostly older and I figured you might want a viewpoint from a younger audience as well. I'm 18, and have worn diapers since I was 14 for personal reasons. Why is not really important here, my parents reaction is a bit more to the point. My parents have beaten me, screamed at me, and even threatened to kick me out of the house. This has NOT stopped me from wearing diapers. If your child really wants to wear diapers then honestly you have no bigger chance in getting him to stop than if you were trying to get him to stop being gay. It may simply be who he is, and that is ok. My parents have finally grudgingly accepted that i wear diapers, by the way.

Before i started wearing diapers i was getting mostly Ds in school. Now, my senior year of highschool, i am in many honors/college courses, and have a 4.0 for the year so far. I got a 1340 on my sats for the math and reading part, and a 2030 with the added writing section. I will be going to college for a dubble major in math and physics, and i intend to get a PhD in astrophysics eventually. Some of my better friends know I wear diapers, and they are tine with it. At your son's age I would strongly advise him not to tell any of his friends, but honestly there is little harm in wearing a diaper. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it helps, and am sorry for any spelling errors... I've never been any good at spelling.

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Thank you for being so open and honest with us. I am glad that your parents finally accepted who you are. Just a pity they had to beat you in the process.
Good luck with you PhD in the future. I wish you well.

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Actually Seath, the reason why one wears diapers is quite relevant. If one suffers from a medical condition which limits their ability to gain control over their bowels, or renders them completely unable to control their bowls, that is a sad and unfortunate medical condition. This condition would leave most people no choice but to wear a diaper. On the flip side, if we are talking about those who wear diapers because it sexually arouses them, they want to act like a baby, or because they are just too lazy to walk themselves to a bathroom, then no, that is not normal.
I find it hard to believe that strapping on a huggie somehow released the intellectual side of you that had been yearning to come out. I find this to be a convenient excuse that you use as a way to justify your obviously chosen lifestyle. As for your parents “beating” you, there are two sides to every story. What most kids will describe as a beating is usually corporal punishment, they are not the same. Your assertion that you cannot change someone from wearing a diaper just the same as you cannot change someone from being gay is not a valid argument. Homosexuality is not an item you can purchase from a store. What did those who were predisposed to wearing diapers do before diapers were invented? They knew they wanted to wear something, but just didn’t know what? I think most gays would find your analogy flawed, and may even resent that you grouped them with a fetish rather than acknowledging their sexual predisposition.
It is safe to say that your “advice” is unsound and biased. Misery loves company.

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Go, SnglDad! The 7 y/o I care for has a serious medical condition and wears a diaper to bed only. Doctors have suggested she wear one 24 hrs, but the parents and I are willing to remind her multiple times rather than let her become dependent on the diaper.

Seth seems like he has some sort of a fetish and is searching for any excuse to justify this behavior.

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Corporal punishment goes too far when your mom starts beating you for made up charges, because she had a bad day at work, or because she figues you must have done SOMETHING wrong in the past three days. That is not corporal punishment, that is abuse. As to why I wear diapers... I will not tell you the whole thing because my sob story is not one i will shair with anyone i do not know. However, I was raped when i was 9 by my cousin, i was bullied, pushed around, attacked, and was the subject of multiple attempted murders at school. So it seems pretty reasonable to me that I might have SOME reason for my actions. I AM gay, so whereas i do not speek for the whole gay community, i personally find my analogy to be relivent, at least for me. My grades did not improve because i wore diapers no. That is not what i ment when i posted my comment and in retrospect i can see where you may think that. I posted that to show that whereas i wear diapers, i did not turn out to be a braindead loonywho will spend their life working at MicDonalds. I honestly can not sleep if i do not wear diapers. It isnt because i wet my bed, but it just is the way it is. Ive tried sleep meds, and they definitly make me tired, but i still dont sleep. Yes, you could view my diaper-wearing as a fettish, but dont be so closed minded about the possability that it could be more than that. I am sorry if i have offended your views on life, but honestly you cant just strongarm your way through life.

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Seath, to sit here and point out every one of the discrepancies between your posts, is not something I wish to do. The one thing I will point out is that you stated those who wear diapers were somehow predisposed to doing so. You now provide a list of horrors, each individual one could cause most people sever psychological stress. After listing these terrible events you then go on to say “So it seems pretty reasonable to me that I might have SOME reason for my actions”. This statement contradicts your assertion that one is predisposed to wearing diapers. This statement also suggests that those who continue to wear diapers outside of a valid medical reason may have suffered some degree of psychological trauma. This trauma could be the explanation as to why one would revert back to wearing a diaper. As infants we were quite vulnerable. This was a time that our parents, hopefully, took special care of us and made us feel safe and secure. As we get older we may encounter situations, or environments that make us wish to feel that same safety and security. I believe this is why some adults continue to wear diapers; they may feel a certain amount of security from doing so.

I am not closed minded when it comes to an adult wearing a diaper. You gave no medical reason for doing so, and as terrible as you may want us to believe that your parents are I have a hard time believing that they would beat you for wearing a diaper if you had a valid medical reason. I was merely responding to the information that you offered.

You are young Seath. I truly hope that you are able to work through your issues and move forward in life. I am glad that you have a plan for continuing education, and some very challenging goals, I hope you are able to achieve every one of them. Good Luck.

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Yoy really should not worry about this. Just think....he could he could be getting into trouble or using drugs. As long as his grades do not suffer because of this I would even help him get his diapers. If you tell him no he is just going to hide it more.