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My teenager is smoking dope

Hello, after questioning my teenage son why his grades were so bad when his ACT score shows he is a bright kid he admitted that he had been smoking pot and even gave us his pot and pipe! I was proud, I thought he had given me a sign that he needed help and was glad he was caught. We explained to him how he could endanger others while driving while high or himself and I thought he understood. I looked at his grades again, guess what? they are not good and he left his bank acct statement up on my computer! He works long hours but has no money! Once again he admitted dope use and took a brand new bong out of his car! I am calling a counselor tomorrow and I have called the local elementary school to see if he could volunteer (he gets out of school at 1)but if anyone has any other suggestions PLEASE let me know! P.S. He does work at a place that randomly drug tests and he still doesn't get it! How am I suppose to send this kid to college next year? HELP

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time for tough love. You spend his college savings for drug tests, search his room/car every day. I'm not fond of the notion of him spending time with 5th graders, he could become their dealer.

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In total agreement with acitez's advice.

He should volunteer at the local homeless shelter.

Get him into therapy and/or a youth drug rehab program immediately. Take charge of this issue before he gets in any deeper.

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While there could be a chance he may end up a dealer I find it highly unlikely that he would start pushing drugs to any elementary school aged children.

I understand what you are thinking about. Keeping him occupied for a few hours everyday is a great idea. Putting him in an elementary school may remind him of what he was like at that age and what his hopes and dreams were then.

My now 23 year old son spent most of his 1 round of grade 12 in a smokey haze. He did much better on his victory lap and then went on to university. He didn't have a focus going in just thought he needed to be there and as a result quit after his first year. The good news is that after working a no-where job for 3 years he has gone back to school. :)

Support him, love him and most importantly let him know that you are not expecting perfection but want him safe and happy.

I edited to add that I think it's important to find out why he is smoking so much. I have a daughter that smokes to self medicate. She suffers from social anxiety and depression and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Life is hard on teens, they are exposed to so many things that we don't have control over or sometimes never know of till it comes out in a destructive behaviour.

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I absolutely agree with you. We as parents have to always express our love and support for our kids - especially in their times of need. - All about teen drivers and their parents!