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Interracial Dating

I have a 14 yr old daughter, first year in high school. She was caught this week hugging & kissing a boy of opposite race. Our family is unacceptable of this. She says they are just friends but I think there is more to it. This has totally devistated our family. She may get ISS (inhouse suspension)and she cannot play sports (which she excels in). Her dad has broken her Ipod, taken computer and phone away. He has also made her were "red neck" attire to school so other race will not want to notice her. I need desperate help!!!!! This is not the way we brought her up! I don't know what to do? She says she will not have any thing to do with this guy ever but what about another one? We are at the point to move schools.....

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are you aware it is 2011?


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Would you really be OK with this if the kid were the same race? Because for me, it is about the sneaking and the physical relationship. I think your whole family needs to figure out what is really important. IMO, no dating til kids are at least 16, there is research to back this up. I think modest clothing is a good idea, but for me, 'red neck' attire is halter tops and daisy-may shorts, which aren't modest at all. She should try to look classy, because she will send a message that she is more than an easy mark. Then, she should aspire to be more than an easy mark. I think you should let her do sports and keep her involved in other supervised activities.

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IMO you guys are going way over board. I was raised deep in Alabama and I too am in an interracial relationship and in this relationship I have been blessed with a beautiful biracial daughter. Making her wear "redneck" clothes is just silly, breaking her things and IHS just makes you guys look crazy..I mean isnt it about who treats u right.. if she ended up with a guy that is the same race but mistreats her would it be ok because his skin color was the same...smh it is 2011 people love your kids and accept them no matter what............

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I am not making any comments about the age of your daughter in regards to dating. Comments have already been made about that.
Your attitude towards inter-racial dating and relationships is totally unacceptable in the 21st century, as is the punishment meted out to your daughter. Are you not aware that you are a racist. Racism is a very ugly crime. She is going to meet plenty of people who are of a different ethnic culture whatever school she attends surely? Time to bring yourself into the 21st Century and give your daughter a break.

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Just my two cents. From the posters screen name to using "red neck" attire to try and ward off other races. To me, it seems like this is more of a troll than a parent asking for advice.

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while your choices are yours, also be aware that your daughter is in a situation where perhaps she is not wanting to follow the beat of your mother was that way, and when I was honestly just close friends with a male of a different race, I was promptly beat until I could barely I tell my kids who they can and cannot date?no.perhaps my own experiences have made me far more open-minded than many others.please define "red neck" attire.considering the number of years I spent living in "red neck" regions of the country, I am seriously baffled by what this might be - since most of the kids wear jeans and t-shirts, just like here in the Midwest.