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I AM the teenager, question to divorced parents


I wasn't  sure where to put this, but this looked like the best bet for answers. Im 16 years old and my parents final divorce trial is tomarrow. I explained to my dad that I was interested in attending the trial with him, to see and experiance it for myself and not a baised replay through my fathers eyes. At first he was iffy,  but eventually after talking to several of his friends, along with one of mine, he started to warm up to the idea. He started saying how BOTH of us were attending when he would talk to his friends now. Well, later that evening he completley flipped it topsy turvy and commanded how it was a horrible idea and the judge would be upset and kick me out, he said he had looked it up and talked to his friend whose a lawyer. Well, needless to say this drop of a dime change in his desicion left me wanting answers, so when I asked what sites said that I wasn't allowed to come, and for his lawyer friends e-mail address he got testy and avoided it saying, he didn't remember and making excuses, this seems very odd. As much as I would like to believe my dad, because I do respect that he has my best interests in mind, I would also like to know the truth. I have stated my age  only for the reason that it might change the outcome of my allowence into the trail. And though I understand that different states and counties probably have different procedures, for obvious reasons I will not include that information. So for any parents or people in general who are aware if a minor is allowed into a divorce trail with them, at the age of 16, your imput would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I'd call the courthouse in the morning. Tell who you are and your parents' names and ask if you need the judge's permission to attend the hearing.

My understanding is that court cases are public record and generally are open to anybody who wants to attend but I don't know specifically about divorce cases and I believe family court has special rules.

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concerned mom

I don't know the answer to your question, but one thought came to mind. Maybe your dad's trying to protect you and keep your from getting hurt. I wld think the whole experience cld be pretty emotional, and maybe he doesn't want you to go through that. What does your mom think? Have you discussed it w/ her?

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Divorce is very hard on everyone around. Most cases can turn very ugly. Children in such cases already go thru the blame game. Your father may not want you to hear some of the ugly things that are said between your mother and he. Resentment can happen that way weather you want them to or not. Your dad may not want you to create an idea of the type of people he or your mother are by what you hear in court. Talk to both your mom and dad together. Tell them it's on behave of your feelings on the issue. I'm sure they both love you and would want the best possible outcome for you.
Good Luck