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Huge Teen Issue

Hey All

As you have probably all seen Teens texting and driving is a very big problem right now.

Check out The Dangers of Teen texting and driving

Read the article and come back here and let us know what you think. Do your kids text and drive? Have you had conversations with your teen about the dangers of texting and driving?

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concerned mom

My kids are still young, so they don't have cell phones, but I know how scary this issue is. There was an e-mail going around a while ago w/ a very graphic picture of a car that was basically split in two by a mack truck. The driver was texting, and the accident was the result of his actions. W/out getting too graphic, I will only say, the scene was very disturbing. It most definitely opened my eyes to the severity of this problem.

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My daughter is no longer a teen but is single and still in college. She texts and drives though she says she knows it is dangerous. She recently told me she tries to limit texting to when she is stopped at lights, which is just as dangerous as far as I am concerned.

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Lay out a course with the garden hose and have them walk it, while texting. I'm going to try this tomorrow.