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Hello. New to this. Have twin daughters and just found two condoms in one twins night stand. She is 15 and had dated this boy for a year since middle school. I want to confront her but then she will know I was snooping in her stuff. Do I leave the condoms there or take them and confront her? Don't want to loose her trust but also don't want her to do something she will regret.

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This is great that you are asking for advice..First thing you need to ask your you really want to know???? and I personally would leave them there as long as there are not younger siblings to find them..This is a good thing that she is being safe or at very least thinkin safe!!! My advice to you would be put her , them * (maybe both)on Birth Control!!! As soon as possible..Let the ob nurses talk with her and educate her if you feel uncomfortable..I now know my 15 yr. old had sex and I wish I did not Know..I mean I wish I had left it as I think I know but never confirmed...But I put mine on Birth Control when she got caught sneakin out of friends house with a boy...They will do it weather you like it or not and weather you take condoms or not..I hope this more thing is tell them a sexual realtionship is 100 times harder to get over than one without..Mine just got her heartbroken by her first and she has stopped at nothing to try to call him..All kinds of crazy stuff..

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Discuss the situation with your daughter respectfully. Leave the condoms in her night stand. Let her know how much you care about her. Advise her of the possibility of condom failure. Discuss other means of birth control in case she is already sexually active.