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Replace Junk Foods With Fruit Snacks For A Healthier Child

When are children are young is the best time to teach them about things concerning how to stay healthy. Of course the main two would be their eating habits and exercise habits. If a child is constantly in front of the television or computer eating junk foods they will one day pay for it if they are not already. Replace their junk food snacks with fruit. Most kids like fruit and well not give you much argument if you provide it for them. If you would like to know about the nutrients in each kind of fruit here is a site with a huge amount of material. There are even some recipes.

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I believe you should start teaching children healthy habits as soon as possible. Start introducing vegetables and fruits when they are starting to eat solid food. If children at the toddler age or older use a food chart to encourage the trying of new healthy foods. Children should try a food at least 20 times before they can say whether they like it or not. Check out Family Time Fitness for more information on healthy activity and nutrition choices. Family Time Fitness is hosting a free educational webinar Tuesday, October 25 from 7:30-8:30 PM CST on the causes and prevention of childhood obesity.