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My Husband and his sister

I am from a very conservative family where brothers and sisters maintain a distance when we grow...when it comes to dressing or sleeping.My husband has an 18 years old sister and I find him very close to her .He sleeps with her hugging her and he touches her everywhere and I feel dis comfortable. of course he says she is his elder daughter. they have 10 years age gap between them but still I am not able to take it.She doesn't mind taking off her clothes in front of him and he too doesn't mind that but I mind it so badly and I am going mad.I am scared if I talk to him about it ,he might get mad on me...I just want to know whether it is normal or I am making it abnormal
My parents taught me how to sit properly when it comes to other sex whether it be a father or brother.I find him kissing her most of the time and loves her so much...May be I am envious that he loves her more than me but I just want to know whether all brothers wash their sisters under garments and behave like this to them

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It's okay for people to be mad at you. Adults often have to do things that make other people angry.
Men don't read minds. How is he supposed to know that this troubles you if you don't tell him?
It is not that important whether something is 'normal'. What is important is that it troubles you, and you are the wife.

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I did pass a comment that she has to sit properly or atleast learn to sit without showing her private parts ...that made him angry and he said he doesn't mind its after all his actually made it to some extent clear that I am not happy with the way they behave..

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Did they act this way before you were married?

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Ours is a love marriage and I got to be with his family only now...I am living with my sister-in-law for the first time...i know her standard 8th over the phone now she is in her college 1st year and I am seeing her after so many years...we got meet the family after 2 years of our marriage ....

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I think they are strange, and their behavior is unacceptable. Im going to assume you did not meet his family before you married him, otherwise, maybe you would not have married him. I cant help but think there might be a history of incest.