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Has anyone experienced a water birth?

I've heard that a water birth mimics the conditions in the womb and is easier for the baby. Sounds like it makes sense. Has anyone delivered in water?

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We labored alot in the water. With my fisrt I tryed to deliver in the water. But I had a lip on my cervix. So we got out. The water got to hot and could not deliver in there. With my second they would not let me deliver in the water. My first was at a birth center. It closed so my second i had at the hospital and they do not alow water births. But they looked highly on going in the water during labor.

I will tell you that the water was so nice on the contractions. I would really like to deliver in the water. The women that I had in my Bradly class really enjoyed it and recommand it.

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Water delivery is not best for every one.Water delivery depends on condition and body structure only