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keeping kids safe on the internet

I want to trust my family and hold them accountable for there choices but when it comes to the internet I feel lost at how to approach the subject. Is there a program that will log there use without blocking websites? There are so many options out there and I feel overwhelmed at which software to choose. Most programs seem to invasive. I just want to be notified if my family visits a site that is inappropriate!

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You can check the history as often as you want. It's a simple thing to do. It doesn't tell you which person logged on to which site, but if the adults have good communication about your activities, then you know everything else is the kids.

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If you have young children in the home it might be appropriate to enroll them in an Internet Safety Course made for elementary school children. Explore To Learn has some cartoon videos embedded into a simple course that may be appropriate for you.
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I also want solution of this problem.