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what can i legally do my ex sister in law is breast feeding my baby without aproval

ok so i married a umm yeah when i was 18 long story short were divorced my kid is 9 monthes now and we have week on week off till this august wich is when i take him to court again anyways his hippy breast feeding freak all natrual sister is breast feeding my baby boy against my permission i breast fed him till he was 2 monthes but had to stop due to my own health and haveing diabetes that wasnt under control but i dont want her boob in my kids face its gross disturbing and its not healthy what can i do arnt there laws about this kinda stuff? please help

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How do you know she is breastfeeding him? Does the father know?

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Was wondering the same as previous post. If you know this is happening, then call Social Services for information.

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Agree, that would be your best bet. Give social services a call. Please let us know what you find out.

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Just a historical note--wet nurses were very common. It's weird to us, now, but was the only way many babies survived.

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Thats what I understand as well Mayamay.Although I am not sure how this is viewed today, at one time it was a common practice. Since this is on the fathers times, and if it is done with his permission, there may be nothing that can be done.

One other thing. When calling Social Services, I would be reluctant to give any personal information. I would only call with the intention of gathering information, not to file a report. In fact,it may be better to just call a local attorney office and ask them if this is something that is permissable under your state laws. Once social services gets involved, it's hard to get them to leave.