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Welcome to the infants and toddlers board!

I just wanted to welcome everyone to our new and improved boards.  I think that everyone will love the new updated boards, they are so easy to navigate and to read. 
I am Marti and I will be here to help you with any questions you might have and to enjoy the boards with you!  Please let me know any suggestions or feedback you might have.  If there are any great boards we should add, I would love to hear what you think.
Again, welcome and I look forward to getting to know everyone soon.

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Hi, Marti.  My daughter is a Dec 17th baby.  She is 2 and a quarter now.  As a new Mom, when do I need to start thinking about finding a formal program for her to attend?

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Hi Marti, I have nowhere else to turn! I can't get my 5 year old Daughter to take a Bath. Well that's not entirely true...I finally convinced to take a Bath where she's standing in the bathtub and I lather her up with soap and then I rinse using a cup but I can't convince her to wash her hair and she won't tell me why! She just says that she's afraid and that she's not brave. Nothing has happened in the past (that I know of) to make her afraid of baths or getting her hair washed this is something new that just came about about a month ago all of a sudden she didn't want to get in the bathtub and now that I finally have gotten her to take a bath I can't get her to wash her hair, I've tried everything from threats for example "No TV and Your Toys if you don't wash your hair" to rewards such as "If you wash your hair I'll take you to the Park or to MacDonalds". I need a new strategy, Pleae HELP!

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Hi Marti:

We have an 18 months old daughter.  She is healthy and loves to play with us.  We are both working parents (10 + hours per day) and would like to find activities outside of our home to do with our daughter.  I am thinking of swimming, library visits, etc.  What do you suggest? 


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Marti, when does it stop? My daughter is 13 mo now, but this has been going on since 10 mo that she thinks she needs to throw her sippycup on the floor{ very violently I might add}. She'll take a long drag on it then...wham! throws it accross the room. This is so annoying so how do I break this habbit?

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Marlena\'s Grammy


This is my first time using any blog so I hope I get it right.  I babysit my 2 year old grand daughter 2 days a week.  She has me all to herself. Lately when her mom comes home from work  Marlena is happy to see her mom but that suddenly turns into anger at her mom.  It seems as if her behavior is worse when I am in the room.  I know this hurts my daughter-in-law's feelings.  Then when I get ready to leave Marlena doesn't want to give me a kiss or hug good bye.  My daughter-in-law thinks tha Marlena is being ungrateful.  I don't take it personally when she doesn't want to say good bye since I have had the whole day to enjoy our time together and I know she loves me. I am looking for a better way to make the transition from grammy to mommy less hurtful for my daughter-in-law and more stable for my gand daughter.  Thanks. 

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Hi Marti,
Understand that I can really get good suggestion from you. I am reading through this forum for quite sometime now. My basic concern is my 22 month son.

I am sending him a day care for pat 6 months & he is still not adjusted. I have to resume work but he is not at all adjusting in day care. What options can I try ? Though keeping Nanny at home I have already tried....

Waiting for ur reply.

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concerned mom

Have you observed your son at his facility? Also, have you tried talking to his caregiver? Now that your son is almost 2, maybe he needs more stimulation. Is the program your son in a school based program? If not, maybe you shld consider a childcare facility w/ a pre-school learning environment. The teachers shld be certified in Early Education. It wldn't hurt to look into. Good luck!