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Two language toddler

Hi i come from the US and i have moved to Denmark. My two year old was born in Denmark but we speak English most of the time around him but when we talk to him we speak both languages to him so that he can learn both languages, I believe it's going ok doing it that way, but sometimes its hard to get through to him and its also hard for me to know what he means at times, so its a hard battle.

Sometimes i don't know if i can dicipline him the same way as other children his age that have better comunication skills, like with eatting, he will not eat, he asked for food around luch time but when i give it to him sometimes he won't eat it, Specially at dinner time he will not eat even though he was crying a few minutes before dinner that he wants to eat. I don't know if its ok for me to take the food away from him when he isn't hungry because he wakes up wanting to eat in the middle of the night and he doesn't understand that he can't eat and he should have eatten at dinner time. How do i deal with this problem????? I don't want him to feel like i don't care for him.

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You need to feed him about an hour before you sit down for dinner. When he joins you at dinner, don't require him to eat anything. Put about 1 teaspoon or tablespoon of the adult menu on his plate. If he eats, great, if he doesn't, he's had a pleasant mealtime experience anyway.

Remember that discipline is TEACHING, not punishing. Punishing is just punishing.

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Do not "battle" with your 2 y/o if you don't want him to feel like you don't care for him. At 2, your job as a prent is to teach him, gently and with patience. Feed him before he begins to cry for food. At 2, he is still learning and should not be expected to wait long enough for food that he cries. A child learning to wait for mealtime is a process and takes longer for some children than others. Turning mealtime into a battle may lead to an eating disorder. Give him yogurt or a healty snack such as fruit while he is waiting and work to make meal time as pleasant for everyone as possible.