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Travelling with a new born

Dear Friends, Moms and Dads

My wife and I are six months pregnant, and will be welcoming our baby girl in July 2011. At work I have been posted for 4 years to work in Harare, Zimbabwe as a South African diplomat. So I just want to find out if its advicable to travel to Zimbabwe two weeks a baby is born or should we wait for the baby to be 4 months old? the other question is how old should a baby be in order to travel by plane? I hope this is in order. All your advices will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


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The health of your wife as well as your baby is a concern. Consult with an MD.

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It will not be easy to travel with a small baby. You should book an air cot well in advance. Get seats that are together, so that you have ample space on the flight. Take toys for the journey, old and new ones, so that the baby will be occupied and will not get tired of the journey.