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Transition to formula

I have been breast feeding my baby and am soon returning to work, so I have decided to start the transition to formula. I began the transition by giving her 1 oz of formula in 2 of her daily bottles. I have noticed that since I started this she has begun getting extrememly fussy in the evenings and not sleeping well. I used Similac formula, then went back to strictly breast milk to stop the fussiness. When she was back to "normal" I started with similac soy and had the same results, so now I am going to try Nestle Good Start. I just want to find somehting that will make the transition smooth and not painful for her. Any suggestions would be great.

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Many babies have a difficult transition from breastfeeding to formula. Is there any way you can pump your breastmilk to feed the baby?

Do a web search and read up on the ingredients in infant formula. Many contain a great deal of corn syrup and other harmful ingredients. There have been traces of toxic chemicals found in nearly all brands and types of formula. If at all possible avoid giving your baby formula for the present and future health of your child.