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Toddlers and custody schedules

I am currently going through a nasty breakup with my daughters dad. I want to do the best thing for her always. I am getting a lot of information about different schedules as far as custody. I don't know what would be the healthiest routine and schedule for her. She is only 20 months old, and I know that toddlers need routine and structure. what is the best agreement for a child her age. I really need some advice. I am feeling extremely guilty and sad that she is put in this situation.

Thank you for any advice you have. please help me..

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The healthiest routine and schedule for her would be to not have her current routine of being with her mother interrupted.

Is she close with her father? When she is with him will she be in a healthy environment? Is she used to being awqy from you for extended periods of time? Is she in currenty in daycare? Is your ex close with his family? Many factors will play an important part in what would be best for your daughter.