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My name is Denise. I have a 6 month old who has been swaddled since birth. We received a "miracle blanket" from a friend and it helped my daughter sleep better. The only problem is that I cannot get her out of it!! She is so strong that she fights her way out of it at naptime or bedtime. She is not able to put herself to sleep then. So we put her back in it. I have been letting her cry at nite and she goes off and on sometimes for hours. I am getting no sleep and do not know what to do. Do I take it away cold turkey and suffer? Or keep her in it?

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Hi there,

My husband had a relative, who had been swaddled till 3 years old (!!). In fact, he was already talking and at nights before going to bed, he was saying: "I want grandma to swaddle me tonight instead of mom". So i think gradually your child will also grow out of that habit - she won't be swaddled forever. Just let her sleep in her blanket (i think it has become her 'security item'), if she sleeps well with it, so you can also get a bit of sleep. Plus, your daughter won't have to cry her little eyes out.
I never swaddled my daughter - dressed her onsie and she was free to move her little hands and toes whenever she wanted, so she didn't get used to swaddling.
Wish you luck.

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concerned mom

Hi Denise,
First of all, I'd want to make sure it's the swaddling that's keeping your daughter up at night. Are you sure she's not waking up hungry, wet or just wanting to be held? Once you've rules out those things, then decide what you want to do about this blanket issue. I swaddled my son from birth, but he was a "little Hudini" as we called him. He too was able to get out of the blanket. For us, it was easy to get rid of our son's blankets as we'd find them over his head most times. Not a good thing for an infant. He also wld sweat at night. Our biggest issue was getting our son on a schedule so he'd sleep through the night. Try a strict schedule, and see if that helps. It may take a while for your daughter to get over the security of her blanket just like anything else. I wld stop cold turkey. It'll be rough at first, but I'm sure it will get better. Good luck!