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Slow Developer (20 months)

I am a bit worried about my God-son. He is 20 months old and not nearly as developed as other kids his age (mom is staring to use the A-word). Physically he did not walk until he was a 13 months, still has only 8 teeth (yes 20 months). Will NOT eat (baby formula only).
Speech/vocabulary is limited too, I saw a 10 month old with a wider vocabulary. His twin cousins born 2 days before him are WAY more advanced.
Any advice is welcome

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I am the mother of a 3 year old who is STILL developing his speech. I had some of the same worries that you have about your Godson. I also used to work as a therapist with Autistic children. (I'm assuming that's the A-word you were talking about). There are some tell tale signs of Autism and I didn't see any mentioned in your comment. One of the biggest signs is a lack of eye contact with others and not bonding with parents or siblings. If you detect these signs in him, then I suggest definitely seeking professional help for him and the EARLIER THE BETTER! I've seen parents who wait too long to get their child diagnosed because of their own denial and it only hurts the child. But one thing I will say... Stop comparing your Godson to other children. People told me that about my son and I have found that he's fine. His speech is delayed, but as long as his doctor doesn't have any major concerns, I'm fine with it. He does receive speech therapy and probably will for at least a few more years, but I'm okay with that.
If you are worried about Autism, PLEASE don't wait! Like I said, from what you described, I don't think he has it, but I haven't met him and I don't want to make any assumptions based on what you've said. There are many good websites for parents of Autistic children and plenty of wonderful professional people who have dedicated their lives to Autism research and education of autistic children. Do a search online for 'early autism signs' and compare what you see in your Godson to what you read. God Bless and best wishes to you and yours. I hope you find the answers you are seeking.

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concerned mom

I agree w/ zax. Please don't wait to get your godson evaluated. If you're concerned, talk to drs, and get your GS into early intervention ASAP. Walking at 13 mos is normal, so I wldn't worry about that. If vocab is limited, and by 2 yrs old your GS is not putting words together, he's considered delayed (at least that's what our son's pediatrician told us). As for the not eating, that wld concern me the most. Is your GS putting on weight? Is he eating any foods at all? Have you tried the baby foods? Some kids have sensory issues and they won't eat certain textured foods, but at 20 mos, your GS needs to be getting more than just formula. What does the pediatrician say? I wld recommend seeing a specialist like a developmental pediatrician. I wld also get a jump on speech therapy for the speech concern and OT for the sensory issues. Look into these things right away b/c often there's a waiting list. Start w/ an early intervention program (I learned about this from my son's dr). Paymt is based on your annual salary, and the therapists come right to your house. You can also do private speech therapy through your local hospital or child development center. Insurance often pays for these services up to a certain age, so look into that as well. I, too, had concerns that my son was autistic, but it turned out he was just delayed. He's almost 6, and he's still receiving therapies through his school program. We've seen a big change in him since we first started this process. It takes a lot of hard work, but it's worth all the effort. I wish you and your GS all the best always.