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Potty Training

I need help! My son is 3 years and 4 months. We have been working on potty training all summer. The problem I am having is that if I let him walk around the house with no pants/underwear on, he does great. We have a potty that is easy for him to access, he goes right over and pees or poops with out even being asked. However, once anything goes on, he just chooses to to go in his pants. I switched to underwear several days ago, thinking that the uncomfortableness of wet or dirty pants, would make him go to the potty but it has not. He just pees or poops in his pants and goes about his business, What should I do - this is getting very frustrating since I know he can do it. There is no issue with him pulling down his pants, I check and take him over ever 20-30 mintues and he gets a treat when he goes in the potty but nothing is working.

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I think you need to keep him in underpants for a few weeks, because he needs to overcome the effect of having been in pullups. Try not to show him your frustration. Using pullups trained him that it was okay to soil himself and it will take more than a few days for him to realize that underpants are different.
Do TELL him that underpants are different, that they are made of cloth and need to be kept clean, just like his shirt and the sheets on his bed.

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concerned mom

Keep at it. I went through the same thing w/ my boys. Maybe your son's just not ready yet. My sons were late trainers too. Try underwear, but bring your son to the potty every hour. It's a pain, but being consistent helped. I used a timer. Every time that beeper went off, my sons knew it was potty time. You might also want to decrease the treats. Instead of giving your son a treat every time he pees in the potty, give it to him for peeing 3x in a row. You may want to give a treat for each time your son poops on the potty though b/c that seems to be a bigger deal and it happens less frequently. Stick w/ it. Eventually it will click for good. Good luck!

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Also, try underpants with his favorite characters on them. He may be more likely to want to keep them clean and dry.

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my daughter is also 3. I just finished going through this. We tried sticker. I put a piece of construction paper on the bathroom wall. I took her to the dollar tree let her pick out stickers. When she went on the potty she put one on when she wet her pants she had to take one off. she hated taking off sticker within 2 days she improved so much. about a week and half later she was fully potty trained. Believe me I know how hard it is both my girls were 3 before they were potty trained, not for a lack of trying. hope it helps.

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I feel for you. I had a stubborn one too, that could care less whether she wet and pooped in her panties. I tried putting her back in diapers telling her that she could just be a baby again. She didn't care, that was okay with her. Then I told her that if she could go a couple days without messing her cotton panty training pants that I'd take her to the store and let her pick out her own big girl underwear. She did it, so I let her pick out the big girl underwear, then I told her that Dora doesn't want to get wet or dirty, so she needed to keep Dora dry. then I explained to her that if she messed up Dora that they were going in the trash. She decided to test me to see if I was serious. So she pooped in her panties. I threw them away. When she saw that I meant it, she started going on the potty all the time and hasn't messed in her panties since. I think some kids want to feel like they are in control of the situation. The other thing was, I quit showing a reaction to it whenever she messed herself (even a negative one). I just removed her panties without saying a word, put her back in her training pants and would walk away. When she kept her panties clean and dry, I would make a really big deal out of it. She soon learned that her 'accidents' weren't going to get her any attention at all. So she started keeping her panties clean so she could get a lot of attention.

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Excellent solution!!! Good for you and your daughter!