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potty training

Im looking for advice on potty training.
I started potty training my son when he was 6 month old. Everything was going great, he was peeing and pooping happily into the potty. Every time I would put him on a potty there was some result. I would say that we had a 90% success rate. Then, when he turned one I went back to work, and he went to daycare. Needless to say, no potty training in daycare. Now he is almost 15 month and he refuses to sit on the potty.
I don’t know what to do…we were so close.. :(

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At 6-12 months old, your infant son was NOT potty training, you were.

No child can control their body functions until around 2 years old, most boys even later. Give it up for now. When he is around 2 1/2 get started again. He'll then train in no time. My son trained in less than 2 weeks at that age.

Tip from my husband, the father of 3 boys. Use Cheerios for targets in the toilet for your son. He says his sons enjoyed hitting the target, which helped speed up the process. Good luck!

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my dd is 22 m. old now. i and her baby-sitter (i work part-time) started to potty train her a month ago. there were two pee accidents, and she was trained in no time. i still put on her pampers at night for safety's sake, but in the mornings the pampers is as dry as new. (for the past 3 weeks!) i'm planning taking it off at nights, too...
he will be trained when he's a bit older, like 2 y. old.
good luck!
p.s. a little tip that worked with us - i bought a cute potty tht has a deer picture on it. every time she was reluctant to go potty, the deer 'cried' and called her, wanting her too pee in the potty. she is so kind, she didn't want to hurt deer's feelings, and patted her, after which sat and peed on the potty. lol

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doesnt matter what you call it, he was comfortable sitting on a potty and he new what he needed to do while there...and he did.
Im not saying he didnt pee/poo in his diaper, he did.
But now, after daycare, he wont even sit down, he will play with it, eat the cheerious and etc. he just refuses to sit on it...im not ready to give up just yet however.

Thanks for your reply.

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concerned mom

I started potty training my son at 2 and that backfired on me. I think I pushed too early, and he resisted training. Every kid is different. There are books out there that claim you can potty train a 1 yr old in a wkend. Most kids, however, train by about 2 1/2- 3 yrs old. I think it's ok that you put your son on the potty at such a young age just to get him comfortable w/ the idea, but honestly it's hard to believe he's mature enough to know when he has to go. I think for you it was pure timing and luck. Now put in a whole new setting w/ new people and no training at all, your son is acting like a normal 1 yr old. Personally speaking, I wld wait til your son turns 2 before training him again. Especially since you're working and there's no consistency anymore, hold off til you have more time to commit to training him. This is not to say you can't show him potty videos or read potty books since you started the process already. All I'm saying is that I don't feel it's totally necessary to start training a child at this age b/c most times they're not ready anyway. All in all, use your judgement b/c you know your son best, and every kid is different. Good luck!