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James IV

Overcoming a 14 month old carb addiction


Our son has been at a mother's day out program since he was around 3 months old, and we love the program. (Since my wife is the director, I might be biased) :-)

Over time, we have noticed that he has become more and more emotional when it comes to food. Any food that he gets around, he must have... and if he doesn't get it, he loses it emotionally. He can eat as much as my wife at 14 months!

At the day care, he is a great kid... they are continually pumping mostly carbs (goldfish, cheezits, animal crackers, cheerios, graham crackers, saltines) into his now cute but chubby body.... but when he gets home, we don't just give him everything he wants, and it has made for some long and stressful evenings.

We have decided to ask the teachers not to give him any more carbs, but only fruits and veggies that we bring.. but we have our doubts as to whether or not this can happen consistently with all those delicious carbs around and the wonderful teachers who are more than willing to let him have his way with the crackers.

I'm looking for thoughts on practical ways to train him out of this pattern.



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Old school father
No means no. Offer an apple if he won't take it then guess what.... He gets nothing! If he don't like it spank him and stand him in a corner and guess what?.... He still gets nothing.